Tuesday, 21 January 2014

January & Journaling

So I decided quite recently to start keeping written journals along with this blog. Why I love the idea is a creative thought or idea can happen at any moment in any place. I have noticed also that most of the bloggers that I admire and follow do this and swear by it so it's part of my list of new things to do. I got this little gem and stared writing today. 

Don't get me wrong, it's not going to be material worth publishing and sitting with it in my favorite coffee shop today and basically ended up doodling for about 30 mins but I'm sure i'll get into it in time. I have read that many people keep a few for different ideas and topics but I'm going to stick with the one for now. Having several different notebooks full of personal material floating around in my many handbags seems like too much of a commitment and a bit risky to me at the moment ;) 

I did make my bucket list today to help me figure out where I am going with life. I'll post it a soon. 

Anyway, I have read a lot of things about the 'January blues' these days. I have to say, I love January! It's one of my favourite months. The weather is crisp and people get all excited making new plans and resolutions (even if we don't always stick to them). It feels like a fresh start, so happy new year! :) x

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