Monday, 20 January 2014

New direction.

I've always been told about the power of keeping a journal. Writing down all your thoughts and ideas can be therapeutic and empowering. So this is my journal and these are my thoughts.....

Right now I'm at a crossroads in life. I feel like I no longer belong where I am and it's time for a change. I've always hated change. It's scary and risky but maybe at some stage everyone gets to a point where it becomes inevitable.... I'm going to make a bucket list tonight and take the first step. 

my hopes for this blog is that I will meet people like me. At the moment i'm choosing to remain anonymous. I'm not sure who I am right now or what i'm doing so I'm not sure what to share right now but I hope this space will change that. I do have one rule in life though that won't change and that's to always.....

And so it begins ;) 

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